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Мы снова встретимся в “Арабском здоровье” 2023 года

En carga... 2023-02-02
The 46th edition of Arab Health opened on 30 January 2023 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. As the largest medical exhibition in the Middle East, Arab Health welcomes more than 100,000 suppliers, distributors and prestigious doctors from all over the world every year. Lifotronic is also honored to be involved and share information about our advanced treatment devices with medical-practitioner friends.

During the three days of the exhibition, Lifotronic is showcasing four categories of products, including:
Wound Management Systems (NPWT, Debridement and Light therapy)
Respiratory & ICU Equipment (Video laryngoscope, HFCWO, DVT Pump, HFNC and Warm blankets)
Medical aesthetic devices (Laser)
ESWT pain management (Shock-wave)

In addition, we are presenting our new product solution of Endoscopy to our distributors at this event. Overseas customers have shown great interest and willingness to cooperate to Lifotronic traditional outstanding products and innovative treatment solutions.