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Lifotronic in MEDICA 2021

En carga... 2021-11-17
November 15t, 2021, MEDICA Germany, one of the most influential medical device exhibitions in the world, after a one-year hiatus from the COVID-19 pandemic, welcomed professional visitors from all over the world once again.

The in vitro diagnostic product line, treatment and rehabilitation product line of Lifotronic Technology have been exhibited in No.1 IVD Professional Hall and No.9 main Hall respectively, to show the series of innovative technological achievements of the two product lines to global customers.

Electrochemiluminescence(ECLIA) analyzer, hemoglobin analyzer, hematology analyzer, POCT instrument and reagents, and nucleic acid extraction instrument and reagents of in vitro diagnostic product line are exhibited. Meanwhile at the same time, Lifotronic officially launched the high-end electrochemiluminescence analyzer eCL-9000, with a constant speed of 300 T/h, which can be increased to 600 T/h, 900 T/h and 1200 T/h by the cascade combination. Besides, the eCL-9000 can combine with high-speed biochemistry analyzers as a workstation for big laboratories. In a word, eCL-9000 is a symbol of the serialization and premiumization journey of Lifotronic technology!

High-end ECLIA analyzer eCL-9000

eCL-9000 launching event

In Hall 9, the treatment and rehabilitation product line exhibits pulmonary and critical care products, wound treatment products, sports rehabilitation products and aesthetic laser products, among which, high flow nasal cannula, high-frequency chest wall oscillation, operation warming blanket, negative pressure wound therapy and dressing, radial shock wave therapy device, laser and other products obtained many on-site customers' inquiries and orders. With the launch and CE registration approval of the series of products, we believe that the overseas market of treatment and rehabilitation products for Lifotronic technology will be steadily and rapidly increasing.

Meeting with distributors around the world

Through the unremitting efforts of all the staff, the two product lines of Lifotronic Technology have been exported to more than 80 countries and regions in the world, and the overseas business has grown steadily in recent years, gradually improving the brand power of "LIFOTRONIC" in the overseas market. The participation in the MEDICA exhibition creates more opportunities and possibilities for Lifotronic to grow into a "globally respected excellent medical equipment supplier".