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Lifotronic в AACC 2022

En carga... 2022-07-24
After another year of fast developing, it is time for Lifotronic to share with you streams of our news in this dynamic medical industries. We are showcasing our latest technologies including:
· Electrochemiluminescence (ECLIA) anlyzer;
· Hemoglobin analyzer (HPLC);
· Hematology analyzer;
· Nucleic acid extraction instrument; 

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that we are launching a brand new ECLIA analyzer eCL 9000. This state-of-the-art analyzer can maintain a constant throughput of 300 T/h, while modular-able with up to 4 eCL 9000 as a 1200 T/h immunoassay workstation, or with our biochemistry analyzer as a immunochemistry workstation for bigger laboratories.

With Lifotronic, inspiration can be found in AACC. We have knowledgesable representatives on-site to actively answer your questions. Some of our customers will also present and engage in discussions with visitors. We believe this is going to be rewarding and enjoyable for you!
Through the efforts of all our staff, Lifotronic’s overseas business is rapidly and steadily growing. Our products have been exported to over 90 countries and regions in the world, moving us into a “globally respected excellent medical equipment supplier”!