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Lifotronic Год 2021 Четвертичное обучение новых сотрудников

En carga... 2021-11-01
Lifotronic believes that Enterprise culture is an indispensable part for a great company. In the recent years, due to the rapid development of Lifotronic, more and more excellent staffs are joining the Lifotronic’s team. Therefore, the training will be hold every quarter accordingly to help the new employees understand and learn the enterprise culture, the structure and the working process of the company. This training was on 29thOct. 2021 in Lifotronic production and manufacturing base located in Songshan Lake.

Fig. 1. Lifotronic Songshan Lake base
Fig. 2. Lifotronic Founder Xiancheng Liu introducing the enterprise culture for new staffs
Fig. 3. Lifotronic Vice President Dawei Li introducing the last 10 years and the future 10 years of company

Fig. 4. Lifotronic Vice Present Ying Zeng introducing the structure of enterprise
Fig. 5. Lifotronic Vice Present DaWei Li introducing the exhibition hall

Fig. 6. The picture of 2021 quaternary new staffs