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Компания Lifotronic была признана производителем медицинского оборудования класса А в провинции Гуандун 2021 по кредиту качества

En carga... 2022-06-01
During the meeting, the 2021 list of Quality Credit class A medical device manufacturers was announced, and Director Jiang Xiaodong personally commended Lifotronic. There are thousands of medical device manufacturers in Guangdong Province, Lifotronic has won this honor for 7 consecutive years!
 Director Jiang Xiaodong of GDMPA awarded the certificate to the commended manufacturers

The quality credit categories of Guangdong medical device manufacturers are determined by the Guangdong Provincial Medical Products Administration (GDMPA) once a year, and are divided into three categories A, B, and C according to the relevant provisions of the conduct clauses and daily sregulatory inspection records. Class A quality credit manufacturer refers to an manufacturer with good quality management, which should meet six conditions including no violation of relevant laws, regulations, rules and other regulations on the supervision and management of medical devices issued by the drug regulatory authorities at all levels. The audit standards are quite strict.