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Из Китая в мир отправляются дочерние компании Lifotronic

En carga... 2022-06-20
On June 20, 2022, Lifotronic Technology Co., Ltd (Macau), officially approved by the Government of the Macao S.A.R, was established. Taking advantages of the superiority in logistical accessibility, financial convenience, and the close bond between China mainland, Lifotronic Macau undertakes overseas projects R&D, global after-sales service support, and foreign investment mainly.

The expansion of overseas markets has long been our consideration and investment focus. We have established, in 2015, the Lifotronic Technology Co., Ltd (Hongkong) in the Hong Kong S.A.R, which is now the main platform for our overseas business development and has made business contacts with more than 80 countries or regions around the world.

With the demands of localism and internationalization being increasing, Lifotronic forecasts the opening of overseas branches in more than ten most targeting countries by 2025. This movement will of course strength our localized marketing capacity, and bolster up Lifotronic’s long-term international business. In 2022, Lifotronic will set out by firstly complete the registration of two overseas subsidiaries in Asia-Pacific and Europe, respectively, so as to provide the exemplary paradigms for the extensive overseas localization development in the future.